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What is important to us?

We are committed to quality, which is why all our products are made by hand from high-quality raw materials, from start to finish.

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Pentti Viitala manufactures the sofa frame

Jubilee year 2024

Pohjanmaan Kaluste Oy turns 60 this year. It all started when the company's founder, Pentti Viitala, decided to sell the cows, buy a truck and start selling sofas door-to-door in 1964. Over the years, this one-man company has grown into an international and respected player in the furniture industry.


Pentti Viitala's watchword was that people should make high-quality sofas at a reasonable price, and that has remained our guiding principle ever since.


The history of the company includes several events, which you can read more about here.

Pohjanmaan Kaluste 60 years
About us

Produced with responsibility

We strive to minimize the ecological footprint of our products during their entire life cycle, and therefore we use only durable and high-quality materials in our products.


Each work stage is carefully planned, keeping the material waste to the minimum in the capable hands of our professionals. For example, the cutting of leather for leather furniture yields residues that can be utilized in industry and in the production of small products. There are companies in Finland who utilize leather residues, providing an opportunity to recycle the valuable material.


The protection of the environment and natural resources is important to us, which is why we wish to keep up with development. We introduce innovations in our range of textiles, so customers can choose for their furniture, for example, fabrics made partially or completely from recycled material.


We have also considered the energy efficiency of our company. The wood raw material left over from the production is utilized in heating our production facilities, and part of the required electricity is obtained from the solar panels located on the roof of the production plant.

With professional skill

Founded in 1964, we are an Ostrobothnian family business that is firmly connected to the present, and we have the top professionals in the furniture industry working for us. Everything we do is based on centuries-old traditions of Ostrobothnian craftsmanship.


We produce well-designed furniture that can be tailored to customer's needs, with meticulous attention on every detail. For us, home means the most important place in the world and we wish to provide you with suitable furnishing.

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