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Pohjanmaan Kaluste Oy

Over the decades, Pohjanmaan Kaluste Oy has grown from a one-man business to an international and respected player in the furniture industry. We have around 500 employees and our products are manufactured in four production plants. 55% of the Group turnover comes from exports. ​


Pohjanmaan Kaluste Oy is still family-owned and the life's work of the founder Pentti Viitala is continued by his son Timo Viitala as the Chairman of the Board. ​


We manufacture tailored high-quality furniture for homes and public spaces, according to the needs of customers. We have an extensive product collection, and due to continuous product development, we are able to respond to current trends. However, our aim is primarily to be a responsible manufacturer and for us it is important to take care of our personnel, sustainable development of the company and especially the high quality of our products, so that their life cycle is as long as possible.

Growth story

In 1964, the founder of the company, Pentti Viitala, decided to sell his cattle and start upholstering second-hand furniture in a barn at his homestead. Sofas were sold door-to-door from a truck. A few years later, the production of new sofas began in the premises of an old elementary school in Viitala, Kurikka, and one employee was hired in addition to Pentti's wife Viola. Pentti sold and marketed sofas at sales exhibitions organized at sports and youth clubs.


In late 1970s, operations were expanded by buying the Kuusisto Timber Processing Plant and the number of employees increased to 20. In addition to sales exhibitions, the company started to sell its products to furniture stores. ​


In 1984, the name of the company was changed to Pohjanmaan Kaluste Oy, the children of Pentti and Viola became partners in the family business, and at around the same time the company started exports to Sweden. The whole decade was a period of strong growth. ​


During the recession of the 1990s, when the Finnish and Swedish economy collapsed, the company was saved by export trade to the east. After Finland had recovered from the recession in late 1990s, the company started cooperation with domestic furniture chains. ​


In the decade from 2010, Pohjanmaan Kaluste products were sold in more than 200 furniture stores around Finland and exported to about 15 countries.


The export trade was strengthened in 2012, and Pohjanmaan Kaluste began its efforts to export to North America under the Luonto Furniture brand. The separate sales organization was founded in the following year. Since then, Luonto Furniture Inc. has grown into a major brand in North America, serving customers from the sales and logistics centre located in Charleston. Luonto products are sold in hundreds of furniture stores in both the US and Canada. ​


In 2020, Pohjanmaan Project Sales was launched alongside home furniture, to provide hotel, accommodation, restaurant and care facilities with public space furniture services.


With almost 60 years of experience, Pohjanmaan Kaluste Oy will continue its solid business.

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