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Warranty & user instructions

Our products are covered with a 2-year general warranty (unless agreed otherwise with the retailer. Check with your retailer if necessary).


In addition, the wooden frames of our sofas and armchairs are covered with a 20-year warranty.


The mechanisms and motors used in our products have a 2-year warranty granted by their manufacturers, with the exception of the batteries included in our products, which have a 6-month warranty.


Superior foams, i.e. moulded cold-cast foams have a 10-year elasticity warranty granted by their manufacturer.


The warranty does not cover normal wear, damage caused by misuse of the product, or defects caused by neglect of care. Normal wear of upholstered surfaces, loosening and settling due to the use of cushions are also not covered by the warranty.


Read the detailed warranty conditions in the Owner's Manual at the link below.

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