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The frame of the sturdy ottoman frame is made of durable solid wood, we give all Pohjanmaan products a 20-year frame guarantee. You can choose the cover of the rug from several fabric and leather options.

  •  A sturdy ottoman as a companion for the lounge chair
  •  Handmade
  •  Solid wood frame with 20-year warranty
  •  High legs make cleaning easier
  •  Upholstered with the fabric or leather of your choice

 A sturdy footstool is an addition in front of a lounge chair or sofa that makes everyday life easier. It's nice to put your feet up after a hard day. If necessary, the padded footstool can also serve as an additional seat.

 Arvo-rahi is a stylish and durable choice. Get it as a friend to the lounge chair of the same series, or individually as a splash of color in the finished interior!

 Check out the upholstery options in the nearest store.


Products included in the collection:





A hand-made bed stands up to time and wear. Arvo-rahi is a nice addition to the lounge chair of the same series, allowing the sitter to comfortably elevate their legs.

With the rahi, the lounge chair turns into a true oasis of relaxation.

Ostrobothnia is a traditional Ostrobothnian family business founded in 1964, which respects interior design trends, whose collection and production are built on the traditions of centuries-old craftsmanship.

The furniture we manufacture is well-planned down to the last detail and made with high quality, long-lasting furniture that works in every home.
The production utilizes old proven carpentry traditions as well as new technology. The sustainable development values that are important to us are taken into account at every stage of production.

Kaikki muut tuotteet Rahit
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