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The unique design with different zone parts guarantee maximum support for different parts of the body. The high backrest relaxes the head, neck and upper back, while the lower part of the chair provides excellent support for the lower back. It doesn't get more restful than this on a recliner.

  • Three different zones on the back provide support exactly where it is most needed

  • The zones of the seat adapt according to the weight of the body so that the thigh part is higher than the hip part, in which case the seat comfort only improves even more

  • The high backrest allows the neck to relax while the head rests on the soft backrest

Comforto fits into a large or small space, because from the collection you can choose either a 2-3 person sofa or a corner sofa, which is a wonderful revelation in any living room.

Get more seating ergonomics for your home with an armchair, which is also available with a recliner mechanism. The same mechanism can also be found on the sofa, so you can maximize the sitting experience and relax with the power of your whole body.

Complete the look with fabric or leather upholstery. The legs are available in three different wood tones.


modular sofa
Products included in the collection:


2-seater sofa


3-seater sofa


Mechanism chair




mechanism sofa


modular sofa

Unbeatable in terms of comfort, Comforto has a great appearance and is ruggedly sturdy, but it offers an even more perfect ergonomic sitting experience.

Ostrobothnia is a traditional Ostrobothnian family business founded in 1964, which respects interior design trends, whose collection and production are built on the traditions of centuries-old craftsmanship.

The furniture we manufacture is well-planned down to the last detail and made with high quality, long-lasting furniture that works in every home.
The production utilizes old proven carpentry traditions as well as new technology. The sustainable development values that are important to us are taken into account at every stage of production.

Kaikki sohvat Kulmasohvat
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