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The Old Oak dining table is made according to the craft tradition and you won't regret buying it! The table will still serve you after decades.

  • The thickness of the sturdy table top is 4 cm

  • This wonderful table is the crown of your entire home

  • In four different sizes, you can find a table for every need. You can seat up to 10–12 people at the largest table!

This table gives space for a lifetime. You can work or do homework at the Old Oak table. A large table also allows for spectacular table settings, from impressive decorations.

The legs of the table are black or white metal, which make the table very solid. The cover color options include four different wonderful wood tones.

The Old Oak table can be assembled with a wide variety of chairs, but a complete whole can be achieved by combining the table with a bench from the same series. A living room table is also available from the same series to create a unified and functional overall look.

Old Oak

dining table
Products included in the collection:

Old Oak


Old Oak

dining table

Old Oak

sofa table

The dining table is often the center of the entire home, but this Old Oak table is the undisputed crown of the entire home!

The table made of solid oak planks is a genuine natural product. Its surface is lively and its nature includes color differences, cracks and hollows. They make every table completely unique, because no wood is the same.

Ostrobothnia is a traditional Ostrobothnian family business founded in 1964, which respects interior design trends, whose collection and production are built on the traditions of centuries-old craftsmanship.

The furniture we manufacture is well-planned down to the last detail and made with high quality, long-lasting furniture that works in every home.
The production utilizes old proven carpentry traditions as well as new technology. The sustainable development values that are important to us are taken into account at every stage of production.

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