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The Poet sofa is handcrafted and inside it you will find a durable, solid wood frame, which is given a 20-year frame guarantee. Seat comfort is enhanced by a neat sitting position, wide armrests and steel no-zag suspension. You can choose the upholstery of the sofa from a wide selection of fabric and leather replacements.

  •  Plush and stylish seat comfort
  •  A handmade sofa
  •  Solid wood frame with 20-year warranty
  •  Egonomics and comfort are just right
  •  Wide armrests

 Poet is a versatile modular sofa collection, from which you can select and assemble a sofa set that suits your needs. In addition to the assembly, you can decide on the cushions, sofa legs and upholstery yourself.

 In addition to the 3-seater Poet sofa, you can get to know, for example, a 2-seater sofa and a spacious modular sofa, which can be converted into an open corner sofa or divan if necessary. Whether you're looking for a large sofa or a clever seat for a small home, choose Poet, made with Pohjanmaan solid craftsmanship.


3-seater sofa
Products included in the collection:


2-seater sofa


3-seater sofa


modular sofa

The extremely comfortable, plush and stylish Poet sofa pleases the viewer's eye and the sitter's body. The 3-seater sofa offers plenty of space for sitting, resting and spending the evening.

Ostrobothnia is a traditional Ostrobothnian family business founded in 1964, which respects interior design trends, whose collection and production are built on the traditions of centuries-old craftsmanship.

The furniture we manufacture is well-planned down to the last detail and made with high quality, long-lasting furniture that works in every home.
The production utilizes old proven carpentry traditions as well as new technology. The sustainable development values that are important to us are taken into account at every stage of production.

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