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Stockholm has a light and modern appearance. Its back cushions are separate and reversible, while the solid seat cushions guarantee the sofa's long-term stability without forgetting comfort and ergonomics. You won't give up this sofa in a heartbeat, and its style is suitable for many types of home and decor.

  • A clean-lined, relaxed sofa for a variety of homes

  • A cozy and warm look

  • Available with several different fabric and leather upholstery options

  • Complete the look by choosing the legs from five different options

The sofa is made with traditional notched joints. There are always at least four seat springs per seat. The solid wood frame of the sofa has a 20-year manufacturer's warranty.

Stockholm is a shapeshifter. In the product family, in addition to the lounge chair, you can find sofas for two and three people as well as a corner sofa model. You can also choose a sofa bed or Corner sofa with a bed mechanism. A compact two-person sofa is suitable for a cottage, while a larger corner sofa is suitable for a large family.


3-seater sofa bed
Products included in the collection:


2-seater sofa


2.5-seater sofa bed


3-seater sofa


3-seater sofa bed





Wonderful coziness in the living room with the Stockholm sofa. This beautiful and eye-catching clean-lined sofa invites you to relax, but at the same time fulfills all the hallmarks of elegance. The design on the sofa is both time- and eye-resistant.

Throw yourself down on the long sofa for a while, curl up in the corner to read a book or relax with your favorite series in front of the TV - the corner sofa of the product family can accommodate even the whole family or a larger group of friends to gather together!

Ostrobothnia is a traditional Ostrobothnian family business founded in 1964, which respects interior design trends, whose collection and production are built on the traditions of centuries-old craftsmanship.

The furniture we manufacture is well-planned down to the last detail and made with high quality, long-lasting furniture that works in every home.
The production utilizes old proven carpentry traditions as well as new technology. The sustainable development values that are important to us are taken into account at every stage of production.

Kaikki sohvat Vuodesohvat
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